Caroline Gillette


Hometown: Champaign, IL


Birthday: September 5th


Major: Economics, Philosophy


Voice Part: Soprano 


Joined Dynamics in: Spring 2018


Favorite Artists: Led Zeppelin, Childish Gambino, Frank Ocean, The Strokes


Other Musical Experience: Choir, madrigals, flute, musical theater


Favorite Part of Dynamics: Working with such talented people


Fondest BC Memory: Going to Rhys's birthday party months before I met him


Hobbies: Sailing, reading


Favorite Drink: Arnold Palmer, hot water with lemon


Favorite Movie: Kill Bill: Volume 1


A Typical Weekend Means: Working hard and playing hard


Your Perfect Day: On the lake all day, yoga at sunset, bonfire all night


Guilty Pleasure: Dark chocolate caramels with sea salt 


Biggest Pet Peeve: Taking a picture of a piece of art in a museum and walking away without ever looking at it with your eyes


Biggest Fear: That we all live in the matrix and nothing means anything


Turn Ons: Personal responsibility 


Turn Offs: Not obeying the laws of sidewalk traffic 


Personal Quote: "Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt" - Kurt Vonnegut