Christina Solitro

(Tiny) Tina

Hometown: Bedford, MA


Birthday: July 2nd 


Major: Applied Psych & Elementary Education


Voice Part: Soprano


Joined Dynamics in: Fall 2018


Favorite Artists: Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, James Bay, Coldplay


Other Musical Experience: Musical theater, choir, kazoo, high school a cappella, piano


Favorite Part of Dynamics: Las personas <3 


Fondest BC Memory: Feeling like a pop star at my first cafĂ© 


Hobbies: Playing piano despite the fact that I suck, petting any dog I see


Favorite Drink: Agua


Favorite Movie: Mary Poppins


A Typical Weekend Means: Sleeping in, chilling with the homies, remembering I have homework


Your Perfect Day: Getting in the car with a group of friends on a nice day and going on adventures


Guilty Pleasure: Anything dessert related


Biggest Pet Peeve: Slow walkers, chalkboards in general, people talking over people 


Biggest Fear: Not enjoying life


Turn Ons: Intelligence, a good sense of humor, a nice smile :) 


Turn Offs: Not being able to hold a conversation, "I'm not really a dog person"


Personal Quote: "Everything happens for a reason."