Delyse Howard


Hometown:  Bloomfield, NJ


Birthday: August 22, 2002

Major(s): Marketing & Entrepreneurship?


Voice Part: Mezzo


Joined Dynamics in: Fall 2020


Favorite Artists:  Lauryn Hill, Daniel Caesar, Jacob Collier, Kanye


Other Musical Experience: Violin (8 years), church worship, choir in high school


Favorite Part of Dynamics: the people


Fondest BC Memory:  First late-night convo with my first friends here


Hobbies: Playing violin, watching old movies, redesigning (pretending I’m an interior designer)


Favorite Drink: Yerba mate (the mint one only)

Favorite Movie: The Departed

A Typical Weekend Means: Pretending to be productive, going out with friends, then sleeping in too late

Your Perfect Day: Exploring on a sunny day, good food (always)

Guilty Pleasure: Cheez-its


Biggest Pet Peeve: Empty promises


Biggest Fear: Not doing what I love


Turn Ons: Passionate, smile, music taste


Turn Offs: Selfishness, lack of empathy 


Personal Quote: “Lost time is never found again”