Dan Kravitz

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Hometown: Manhattan, NYC

Birthday: March 8, 2000


Major: Psychology, Minor: Finance


Voice Part: Tenor 2


Joined Dynamics in: Fall 2020


Favorite Artists: Michael Bublé, Maggie Rogers, Local Natives, Bad Suns


Other Musical Experience: I play piano. I sing my roommates' ears off daily.


Favorite Part of Dynamics: Snacks. Wait, there aren’t snacks? Okay we’re gonna have to make some changes. Hold on.


Fondest BC Memory: Falling down a flight of stairs in Williams on Coro, as if living there wasn’t bad enough.


Hobbies: Playing piano. Playing basketball. Compiling lists of books I’ve “heard” I “should read,” and never getting around to reading them.


Favorite Drink: Water: mother nature’s liquified love.


Favorite Movie: Brooklyn’s definitely up there, maybe Lady Bird? Maybe I just really like Saoirse Ronan movies. But NOT Timothy Salami (Chalamet). He’s average at best.


A Typical Weekend Means: Forgetting the week prior, unless things went well. Then, that weekend should celebrate the week prior.

Your Perfect Day: 1. I wake up (thank God), 2. I think about going for a run, then I remember I don’t want to, 3. I walk instead to an undisclosed location and explore, 4. I think deeply about how I should’ve done things differently during the day, 5. I go to sleep and have random dreams that don’t make any sense at all (ex. I once dreamed I was on a bus for 3 days only to arrive at Tim McGraw’s house. It was huge and he took good care of me.)


Guilty Pleasure: I’m not gonna say my guilty pleasure is a dessert of some sort, or a stupid Netflix show, because that’s BASIC. So, I’ll say.. Hmm… I do enjoy We Bare Bears (A show beyond its time)


Biggest Pet Peeve: Slow walkers, loud eaters, people who hype me up when I don’t deserve it (when I do deserve it, I expect a good hype up), when people smell like soy sauce (top 10 worst smell)


Biggest Fear: The AMISH (don’t ask, just yes)


Turn Ons: Now we’re getting somewhere. Okay honestly shoulder length hair, sense of humor, and a strong dislike of cilantro. Also if you have a face tattoo, you must’ve SEEN some crazy stuff in your life and I’d love to sit down and hear your story.

Turn Offs: If you think cilantro tastes “good/great/fabulous” I might as well buy you a ticket home.. If you like it, It’s gonna be hard for me to like you.


Personal Quote: “Speaking things into existence is a real thing. For example. I’m gonna submit all these responses to these “fun” questions and not even look back and edit them. POOF! Look at how that worked!