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Caroline Sloan

Caro/ Carebear

Hometown:  San Francisco, CA


Birthday: January 27th

Major(s): Undecided, interested in Environmental Studies


Voice Part: Soprano


Joined Dynamics in: Fall 2020


Favorite Artists: Bon Iver, U2, Tame impala, Banks, The 1975, Coldplay


Other Musical Experience: San Francisco Girls Chorus, musicals in high school, high school choir


Favorite Part of Dynamics: Singing with such talented and lovely people


Fondest BC Memory: Walks in the Newton woods


Hobbies: Painting, coloring books, thrifting, astrology, writing poetry and music


Favorite Drink: Shirley temple and boba

Favorite Movie: Howl’s Moving Castle

A Typical Weekend Means: Hanging out with my friends, picnics in the woods, a lot of sleep

Your Perfect Day: Music festival on the beach

Guilty Pleasure: Jumping on bubble wrap


Biggest Pet Peeve: Leaving little marks when erasing a whiteboard


Biggest Fear: Bees and clowns


Turn Ons: The smell of fresh laundry, lying in the sun after swimming, cool rocks, authenticity


Turn Offs: The awkward silence in a zoom breakout room, COVID-19, lack of humor


Personal Quote: Light shines brightest in the dark