Robert Dalessandro

Bob, Roob

Hometown: Essex Fells, NJ

Birthday: June 21


Major(s): Finance


Voice Part:  Tenor


Joined Dynamics in: Fall 2019


Favorite Artists: John Cultrane, Mary Lou Williams, Andrew Hill, Beyonce


Other Musical Experience: Jazz piano comp and accompanist, musical theatre, choir

Favorite Part of Dynamics: All the love

Fondest BC Memory: First football game

Hobbies: Running, playing the melodica, making quality bonfires

Favorite Drink: Water!


Favorite Movie: Home Alone 1

A Typical Weekend Means: Hanging out with friends and catching up on sleep


Your Perfect Day: Waking up early, working out right away, and otherwise being very productive

Guilty Pleasure: coffee ice cream

Biggest Pet Peeve: People who pose as musicians


Biggest Fear: Climate change ruining winter


Turn Ons: Being passionate about something

Turn Offs: Being a follower


Personal Quote: "Passion is the genesis of genius" -Tony Robbins