Nick Darenkov


Hometown: Princeton, NJ


Birthday: October 1st 


Major: International Studies


Voice Part: Bass / VP


Joined Dynamics in: Fall 2018


Favorite Artists: Frankie, Floyd, Buena Vista Social Club, chloe mk


Other Musical Experience: High school choir and a cappella 


Favorite Part of Dynamics: How much we all care about each others' daily highs and lows


Fondest BC Memory: Clemson game weekend freshman year


Hobbies: Sitting in bed with my dog watching BBC Earth and eating ice cream


Favorite Drink: A wholesome green tea 


Favorite Movie: Inside Out (2015)


A Typical Weekend Means: Sleeping in, spending most of Saturday convincing myself I did work, and then finally doing it Sunday night(ish)


Your Perfect Day: Playing marimba wearing flip flops


Guilty Pleasure: Consuming so much ice cream at once 


Biggest Pet Peeve: Awkward handshakes 


Biggest Fear: Real life 


Turn Ons: Honesty, dependability, likes when it snows 


Turn Offs: Not being present or genuine 


Personal Quote: "Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody"